Getting crafty with the kids…

The Crafty Crow, along with other websites such as Martha Stewart’s Kids, is one of those great inspiring places you can visit when you feel you’ve run out of ideas for DIY activities for your little ones, and they have just compiled a very useful crafts list of items you can keep in a cupboard … Continue reading

642 Things to Draw

One of parents’ biggest worry is how to always keep their child busy, entertained, doing something productive and, let’s admit it, giving them a bit of a break. Today we’re loving our most recent discovery, “642 Things to Draw“, a book that suggests something to draw on each page, constantly challenging the older kids into … Continue reading

SHOP: Fun cooking tools

Make cooking fun & interactive for the little ones! 1 – Star Wars spatula set by Williams-Sodoma (£16). 2 – Flamingo chopsticks via Urban Outfitters (£10). 3 – Marvel Cakelet pan by Williams-Sodoma (£25.66). 4 – DynoBytes sandwich cutter by Evrilholder (£3.50). 5 – Dog knife by Kuhn Rikon (£6.46). 6 – Burger timer by Urban … Continue reading