SHOP: Fun cooking tools

Make cooking fun & interactive for the little ones! 1 – Star Wars spatula set by Williams-Sodoma (£16). 2 – Flamingo chopsticks via Urban Outfitters (£10). 3 – Marvel Cakelet pan by Williams-Sodoma (£25.66). 4 – DynoBytes sandwich cutter by Evrilholder (£3.50). 5 – Dog knife by Kuhn Rikon (£6.46). 6 – Burger timer by Urban … Continue reading

Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival next week in London

The No Added Salt team is a massive fan of Jamie Oliver and all his work with making kids eat healthy, which is why we’re so excited about his latest endeavor, afeastival taking place in Clapham Common in London next week. The 3-day family-friendly festival will have performances from bands such as Mystery Jets, The Charlatans and … Continue reading

Funky lunch – feed your imagination

Here at No Added Salt we’re all about those sneaky vegetables that help our kids get their five-a-day. That’s why we love Funky Lunch, a book and project aimed at making meals fun for kids (and less stressful for the parents!) by turning an ordinary lunch into something different that encourage kids to eat healthy … Continue reading

Junk foods lower toddler’s IQ

We found this really interesting piece on Channel 4’s website about how junk food could potentially lower your toddler’s IQ.  Feeding our kids the nutrients and goodness that they need is so important, especially from a young age, and its vital that we kickstart healthy eating habits at home.  That’s not to say that your … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Begins At Home

One of the main reasons why we started No Added Salt, is because the ready-meals available for children both looked and tasted horrible.  If we wouldn’t eat it, then why feed it to our children?? Below is a really interesting article on how important it is to start healthy eating at home.  We’re passionate about … Continue reading

Food to make you go “Yum!”

Last week we had a photoshoot of our food, and here are the yummy results!

Don’t pass the salt, kids

We found this really interesting article on salt in kids foods.  Need we say anymore… Children who regularly consume excessively high levels of salt could put their future health at risk, claims the Health Supplement Information Service (HSIS). Salt is commonly added to foods children love, like fast foods, snacks and ready-made pasta. Figures show … Continue reading


No Added Salt is a new business that specialises in supplying extremely healthy and nutritious pre-packed fresh and frozen foods for children aged 1+. We have developed a range of children’s ready meals packed full of hidden vegetables, herbs and goodness. The meals have been designed to maximise nutrition with no added salt, additives, flavourings … Continue reading