The amazing creativity of Bento boxes

Bento boxes originate from Japan, and they’re small boxes with different compartments, perfect for kid’s lunches. And as the Japanese have a thing for everything cute, they’ve made a craft out of decorating Bento boxes and making the meals shaped like animals, scenarios, or anything cute. We’ve recently stumbled upon Wendolonia, a blog owned by an American woman with an obsession for these boxes, so much so that she’s made a career out of examining and playing with lunch boxes, and writing about the craft for several publications.

She gets into so much detail about the care she takes with these Bentos that she makes weekly posts of what’s going in her son’s lunchboxes and before and after shots of when he returns home. She treks local Japanese stores for new Bentos, food pens or any cute add-ons she can find, to help her make healthy food look a little bit more fun (although she admits the baked tofu keeps coming back uneaten!). But if you’re looking for a quick fix, check out her Bento Box gallery, which includes options for toddlers.


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